Selfishness looks bad on me

Something I learned, a while ago, and recently remembered:
*When I’m afraid, it’s because I might not get something that I want or think that I need.
*When I’m angry, it’s because I’m not getting what I want or think that I need.
*When I’m carrying a resentment, it’s because I didn’t get what I wanted or thought I needed.

The commonality here, is ME.

All of those emotions come from my selfish and self-centered nature. I suppose others have found ways to manage the destructive actions that can occasionally accompany those feelings, but I find it’s best to focus, instead of on Myself, on Father God, and the example set by His Son, Jesus.
Finding a way to demonstrate the love of God – outside of “religion” (No preaching, please)- is the most gratifying way to turn my day around.
How difficult is it, really, to simply smile at someone, randomly?

Of course, “looking out for number one” is a natural behavior. Self-preservation is to some degree necessary. These things may be true, but it feels like my NATURAL default is a lot more greedy and egotistical (*EGO* Easing God Out) than ANYONE actually needs to be, to survive.

Making some adjustments, now.

I am getting back to the business of learning to be less of me and more of Him. However slowly, I am determined to progress in a positive direction.

When I am able be less self-centered, I am less apt to be offended, or feel hurt, or try to manipulate people or circumstances.

What can it hurt, besides my EGO, to show some compassion, especially for someone who’s not like me? Maybe instead of falling into the judgmentalism of which the world is so saturated, I can remember that that person was someone’s baby, or is someone’s parent or relative, that they LOVE? Maybe the mask they wear is their way of trying to feel safe. Maybe they would love to be my friend.

That automatically makes the day a better one.


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