3 Slogans that got me through


Upon entering the Recovering Community I quickly grabbed ahold of somethings that looked like they might be crutial to my sobriety, and one of them was the Slogans.
It’s pretty much a given that when you’re trying to learn something like, say, a foreign language, repetition is key. If there were any quicker, easier way, I’d be multi-lingual.

Learning the language of sobriety was extremely foreign to me, so I needed to hear it often. More often than that.
Where the Steps were long (and mystical), the Slogans were bite-sized bits of wisdom that were supposed to be helpful in this deal.

I was severely sleep-deprived early on, so maybe I was more desperate than I would have been otherwise, but I knew that the Slogans were a tool that I needed to have close at hand, constantly.

I don’t know where I got the idea, but I did something that was incredibly helpful, and made it possible for me to remember the slogans.

I took little pieces of colored paper (cos I’m crafty
I guess) and wrote as many slogans on them, one by one. Then I took the pieces of paper and taped them up all around the edges of my bathroom mirror. This guaranteed that I would see them at least once a day, and because of the way my bathroom was arranged, it was actually several times daily.

My 3 favorite slogans (I’m not going to get in depth here, but likely will, in another post) are:
Easy Does It
First Things First
Keep It Simple
You could say that they were my “mantra”.

I had a friend who had a little piece of paper that she kept in her pocket with the 3rd step and 7th step prayers weitten on it, for easy reference throughout the day.

Do you have any “Recovery Hacks” that help you to get this new language into your head? Please leave them in the comments below, and if you think this might be helpful to anyone newly in recovery, please share it with them. 🙂

Posted from my hut in the forest.