Gossiping is an assault

Even when it’s TRUE!
When someone speaks(or writes, duh) about someone else, it says SO much more about the gossipER than it does about the gossipEE.

She did WHAT?!

Sometimes I talk about other folks, as an attempt to lift myself up, via putting them down. Using others as a stepping stool has never been a successful exercise for me.
I’ve been ruminating on this for about 6 weeks, now, and I want to make a note of it, here, so that if & when I start to fall into that lame activity again, it will be here to remind me. My job here is to lift others up, not tear them down.

Step 7

Here’s another character defect that I’m having removed, or maybe “lanced” is a more accurate description. (Ouch.)


Verbal assault much?

So. Does this ring true for anyone else?

Posted from my cabin in the mountains.