Abbie Who??



Welcome to abbie in wondrland! Come on in and pull up a toadstool! 😉

This blog will be a record of the internal and external meanderings of a 50-something young woman, in long-term recovery from addiction and mental illness.

I’ll be sharing the ways I’ve learned to get through just about anything clean & sober, and my experiences before, during and after breaking up with “John Barleycorn” and The Dopeman.

It’s been an incredible trip (pun intended):
I was born into a family whose history includes generations of alcoholism and codependency, and from which I learned to force round pegs into square holes, and then apologise if you didn’t like what I was wearing.
For over 20+ years clean and sober, it’s kept getting better, as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, 24 hours at a time, and letting God be God.

Won’t you grab a cup and have some coffee -or tea- with me? I’m looking forward to having some interesting chats with all who care to join me. Oh, and I’m always looking for your experience, strength and hope, to share with my blogtastic tribe of readers! Send me a note ( if you’d like to do a guest post, and/or if you’re looking for a guest poster on your blog!
Don’t mind the Cheshire cats.
If you’re getting something out of this blog, by all means, feel free to chip in on a cup of coffee for a tired writer! Just Hit this!

***Please note: While nominations/awards are REALLY really appreciated, I’m not very good at doing all the things included with them, so please don’t. You can let me know if you thought about it, but…get someone who will be more fun than I. Thanks!***

Please share your thoughts! They matter!!

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