Gratitude A, B, C’s

Here’s something different and fun: make a list of things you’re grateful for, using a letter of the alphabet for each.  (Who can’t use another good way to improve their outlook?!) 

 Here’s my list; please make your own list in the comments! 

 – Animals – I know I’m not the only one who trusts them more than humans. 

B – Benjamin (my eldest) 

C – Coloring – soothing after a hectic day.

D – Divorce. 

E – Elijah (the younger of my boys)

F – Furbabies, of which I have 3, at the moment.

G – God’s Grace!

H – Husband (he’s perfect for me!)

I – Ice cream – DUH.

J – Just chillin. 

K – Kaleidoscopes

Learning about Love (it’s SO not what I thought it was)

M – Mom – She’s great. And beautiful. 

N – New Comers to Recovery

O – Options (Recovering from addiction and mental illness has given me unlimited options.) 

P – Puppy breath

Q – Quarterly bonuses

R – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

S – Sandy, white beaches

 T – Tax returns, even when they’re about half of what we’re due. 

U – Unusual places

V –  Vitamins  

 – Wonder

X – ?? 

Y – Yoo Hoo

– Zippers! 

So, what are you grateful for, my friend?


6 responses to “Gratitude A, B, C’s

  1. I love this! I started a list last night in bed, and got as far as ‘D’ before nodding off! Here’s how the list went… ‘A’ Alfred, my son; ‘B’ beauty; ‘C’ creativity and ‘D’ daffodils. I’ll pick up where I left off tonight and start with ‘E’…. x

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  2. a – animals
    b – babies…I am a great aunt!
    c – chocolate!
    d – dogs…I love them
    e – everyone in my family
    f – friends
    g –
    h – husband and hugs!
    i – my cochlear implant, allowing me to hear
    j – jokes that make me laugh
    k -kisses from hubs
    l – lakes I walk around and laughter
    m – my mom
    n – my good neighbors
    o – opening to healing
    p – peanut m & m’s
    q – my quilts
    r – rainbows
    s – sunshine
    t – my tummy!
    u – long underwear!
    v – volunteering
    w – ny name, Wendy
    x – X-rays that show if my kidney stones are gone
    y – year…each year I am sober
    z – zooming around!


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  3. a – Art and creativity
    b – Bear hugs
    c – Children
    d – Doors (being able to close the door sometimes)
    e – Evenings (me time)
    f – Friends
    g – God/Spirituality
    h – Home
    i – Ice cream
    j – Joy
    k – Knowledge – Living in the information age
    l – Lazy Sundays
    m – Moon
    n – New adventures
    o – Ocean
    p – Potential
    q – Quiet moments
    r- Reading
    s – Sobriety
    t – Tea – All kinds!
    u – Underwear – (supportive, scaffolding type underwear)
    v – Visits (family)
    w – Wholeheartedness
    x – ?
    y – Yoga
    z – Zodiac


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  4. A- Assholes because they show me who I don’t want to be. Self awareness.
    B- Brakes, working brakes, to avoid the dreaded car accident!
    C- Coffee! & Chip!
    D- DVDs because I don’t currently have internet.
    E- Even, paved roads.
    F- Fantasy because real life is too much sometimes.
    G- Galaxies
    H- Happiness, even if fleeting and temporary.
    I- Indie music and films.
    J- Jeans! Jeans that fit.
    K- Krispy Kremes!
    L- Locks to help me feel safe.
    M- Myself
    N- Napkins and all other paper products that make life easier and neater. T-Mobile’s network.
    O- Ozzy Osborne’s accent.
    P- Phone! My new phone that I’m typing on.
    Q- Quietness
    R- Roller coasters
    S- Serenity, although fleeting and temporary, like happiness.
    T- Tan. The ability for my skin to turn a nice bronze in summer.
    U- Uncle Rico (?)
    V- Vagina, my healthy vagina.
    W- Wendy’s delicious burgers and buttermilk ranch.
    X- Xerox. Ability to copy documents so quickly and accurately.
    Y- Yellow, like the color yellow of the sun.
    Z- Zoloft for showing me antidepressants are not for me.

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