I choose …My children! breaking generational cycles

Breaking generational curses, it’s what we do, by the Grace of God.

Ragamuffin Dad


If I had to pick one image to represent the last three years of my life during which I finally was able to beat my addiction to alcohol, through the grace of God, it would be this image by my friendBrittany Shelton.

I choose …

My children!

Breaking generational cycles

Addiction Stops Here! #Prevention

I met Brittany on twitter as one of my #RecoveryPosse friends. She writes a wonderful recovery blog, DiscoveringBeautiful.com, which struck a nerve in me. Brittany was also one of my first friends in my recovery communities who wore her recovery on her sleeve. She was not anonymous. She was recovering, candidly, out loud. Her bio states, “10 Years Sober. Wife. Mom to 3 Boys. Introverted People Lover. Book Hoarder. Restored & Recovering. Gratefully Imperfect Jesus Follower. Self-Proclaimed, Former, Chronic Fuck-up. Here to encourage you.” …and she continues to encourage me.

They say around…

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