This is the perfect follow-up to the last post about “stigma”. A bit more inight as to what it’s like…


It’s not easy. It’s never been easy.

Depression is not just any sadness. Sadness is a small type of reaction happening in daily basis. When the person is having depression, it interferes their daily life and normal functioning. Sadness is only a small part of depression. Some people with depression may not feel sadness at all.It’s like wishing you did not get up the next day. It’s like segregating yourself from everyone not wanting to indulge in any conversations or going out associating with anyone. The feeling of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness. It’s losing appetite or binging on food having weight changes. The thoughts of death and suicide lingers in the mind.

Anxiety is not just a normal panic attack. It’s the feeling of suffocation when you are in a crowd of people. It’s the trembling hands that restrains yourself from meeting new people. It’s the feeling of constant…

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2 responses to “Survivor.

  1. Depression is also an addiction. I am not saying this to put down anyone who is depressed. I suffered for so long I wasted most of my life in bed trying to sleep away the hours so I didn’t have to be a part of life.

    What I am referring to is running away. My depression was difficult to climb out of not only because of the hold it has on you but also because I didn’t always want to come out of my depression. While being the holding factor that kept me from living it was also my security blanket just the way others use drugs or alcohol.

    Which makes depression a double whammy. We not only have to heal ourselves from something “we” are doing to ourselves, but we also have to overcome the addiction.

    All my prayers sent your way in healing and a future with your eyes open. (said since I slept through mine)