Tools For Living Sober Part 1

Here’s some info that is just priceless for anyone in recovery. Thanks for sharing it, Magz!

Sober Courage

Welcometo the first part to the new feature on the Sober Courage blog, called Tools for Living Sober which is based on the the highly recommended book published by Alcoholics Anonymous called Living Sober.


The Living Sober text was first published in 1975 by AA World Services. It is a book that describes methods to stay sober that were developed by AA members after the Big Book was published in 1939. The Living Sober text was written by Barry L. an AA member who joined AA in the mid-1940’s.

The book is a bit outdated in some of the wording and situation as you can imagine, but it still provides many pertinent suggestions for living a sober life, whether you are just starting out or have some time under  your belt.

There are 30 chapters in the book dedicated to the many ways that we stay sober. I…

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