“Leopards never change their spots.”

Once upon a time there was a leopard. He was crafty and handsome, and he loved the spots on his soft coat. They made him feel better about, well, everything.
One day, after many years of increasing troubles and pain, the leopard had a moment of clarity. “These spots of mine, as much as I’ve loved having them, have been the cause of so much heartache and grief. My wife hates them. My children hate them. They really haven’t been making me feel better for a very long time. I’ve got to change them!”
So, the leopard found a group of others like him and asked them, “What must I do to relieve this guilt and remorse?!” They told him of a place where he would learn to feel better without relying on his spots, and he realised that he didn’t want them anymore. He decided to change his spots by following a few suggestions and taking some steps. These steps lead into a place so wonderful that he could never have imagined it!! And so, the leopard with the changed spots, lived happily ever after, one day at a time.

Ok. So this is what I want to share with my work associate.
She was talking about her ex, and his addictions. I said “It can be mighty hard for a leopard to change his spots.”
To which she replied, sadly and sincerely, “Leopards never change their spots.”


Leopard spots

I’m not ready to share with her this story. I know that there are many many good people who feel the same wayabout addicts and alcoholics. I don’t hold it against them. It doesn’t make them bad people; just uninformed.


Posted from my cabin in the mountains.


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  1. I’ve seen those spots from both sides; as an alcoholic and as a person who loves an alcoholic. The uncertainties and doubters Dr. Bob and Bill W. encountered in AA beginnings reinforce in my mind that AA was and is God’s miracle to the suffering addict

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  2. At first,I thought it was a story..but when I came to the second para,i realised I was wrong ! Nice post. 😀 I found your blog from the ‘Meet and Greet Fridays’ page 🙂

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