Lies Of An Addict

This is good stuff.

The Addict In My Basement

The beginning lies:


I am just tired. I didn’t sleep last night.

I had a doctor appointment and they took blood.

I applied for school but I haven’t heard yet.

I applied for the job but they haven’t called me yet.

I’m just not hungry.

I have friends, just no one is around.

He got kicked out of his house for nothing.

I’m fine.


The active using lies:

I’m not using. I don’t want to do that.

I didn’t take your money.

I didn’t take his money.

I just hit a curb, I don’t know how it happened.

They are sleeping pills.

They are prescription.

I fell.

I will come home.

I have none left, I swear.

I didn’t shoot up this time.

I didn’t snort it this time.
I only took 1 benzo. It did nothing.


The lies we tell our addict in active addiction:


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3 responses to “Lies Of An Addict

    • YES!! I’m psyched! I prefer not to go to the theater, but this will be one exception. 3-D + Johnny Depp= woohoo! Things here are going well. I’ve got a job, a respectable roof over my head, and my family are all fairly healthy. Nothing to complain about. Et toi?

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      • Am I detecting unsolicited good spirits 😊

        Agreed, not an avid cinema goer myself but this one is up there on my list…although methinks you probably know this 😁

        Stuffs ok…my book is with a proofer and due back end of June…so progress there. But it’s left me very behind in writing alas 😊

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