The sun has come out

…so I guess it’s “tomorrow”, now. Yay. Thank God. I think a month of self-flagellation is plenty, don’t you? Cool. 


Wet noodles weren't enough.

Anyway, I’m in between laundering and running out to a Celebrate Recovery meeting, so this is gonna be short.
I was reading in the “Living Clean” book, and it (randomly) flipped open to something about emotional recovery, amd how there would come a time when we could say “I got through that without using!” and thereby adding another triumph to our arsenal of weaponry in the battle against the disease.
Once I made a list of things that I wouldn’t have expected to get through, clean, but did…maybe I will revisit that list here, at some point.
So, time has come to run out the door. I’m sorry that the last several posts have been so dismal (or at least that’s how they felt, from here). It’s been a long process,this particular lesson, and I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and there’s a rainbow just outside the doorway. Whew.
Thanks for.handin in there with me, fellow travellers.
How have you been??

Posted from my cabin in the last part of the tunnel.


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    • Thank you. No, really: THANKS. “Cautiously embrace” sounds just about perfect. When I’m busy isolating, I so easily forget the blessings of being in community: folks can smile and say they’re glad I’m here, and, like here, I can feel so much less lonely and alone. โค

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  1. Abbie, years ago we would encourage newcomers, “don’t pick up a drink or a drug even if your ass falls off.” The mental picture of being butt-less got me through many nights smiling. Thanks for posting

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