Welcome to Wondrland

Happy Spring (in the US, that is)!
It’s been 19 days since the launch of this blog, and I just wanted to say hello and thank you for coming by and joining me as I venture down into the Rabbit Hole, uncovering and exploring curious things like addiction and mental health. And little cakes that make you smaller and drinks that make you grow. But enough about my drugs of choice. 😉

Some of you were blessed friends from the previous blog, and many of you here, are new to the block. We’re a fairly outspoken bunch, here, but also full of empathy and caring. I have said more than once that I care enough about people to risk them getting mad at me, if the truth angers them. If you or your loved one were in danger, wouldn’t you want to be warned?? If your answer is no, then this might not be the place for you. Maybe, if you stick around, you’ll change your mind, or maybe you’ll give me reason to change my mind.
So, how about an “ice breaker” –
Let’s play “2 truths and a lie”! I’ll tell you a couple of (true)things about myself that you may not know, and I’ll tell you a lie about me. You can guess which one is the lie, and also, leave me 2 truths and a lie about yourself in the comments. After there’s been enough time for everyone to leave their comments, I’ll tell you what was true and what was not.
1. When I was in 4th grade I told my classmates that I’d been on the kids’ show “ZOOM.
2. When I was young, I told my little brother that the white liquid inside of dandelions (when you snap the stem) was milk (and he needed to taste it to be sure).
3. I have 4 pairs of Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Now, you.

Posted from my cabin in the mountains.


3 responses to “Welcome to Wondrland

  1. I love these games ^^

    Your lie is #3, owning 4 pairs of chuck taylors?

    well, there goes my two truths and a lie

    1) im such a big fan of my basketball team, the Toronto Raptors, that I once called in sick to make sure I would be in front of my computer when playoffs 2015 tickets came up
    2) In university, I rented a hotel room right beside my school for a few nights (and spent a few hundred dollars doing it)during finals because I was obsessed with studying non stop and didnt want to waste time in transit
    3) one pizza to myself? amateurs…I am perfectly capable of eating two pizzas to myself and not have a stomach ache

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