A great day

When the sun is shining, and things are going your way, and you don’t drink or use, that’s a good day.
When it’s storming and awful outside, and everything turns to crap, and you don’t pick up, that’s a GREAT day.
I hope you all have a really good day. But if not, make it a GREAT one. πŸ˜‰


Posted from my cabin in the mountains.


7 responses to “A great day

  1. And there was me wondering where you’d missappeared to! Great day…I hope you are…mine isn’t…the boiler decided to, well, not speak anymore…although that does not mean not great as it will soon be replaced by a shiny shiny new one.

    Actually great can be dragged out of the cold…to still remain cold…boiler thing….but despite the chill chapter ten fourth draft of book, seven more to go..end of week personal deadline…I think that works for me…unless it’s crap…damn that un greats a great day…. Catastrophise …uber darkness….grim..descends…aaaarghhhh πŸ™ƒ

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    • lol you took me from a standard “light reading” with the boiler situation, to a drama/horror book with the deadline! πŸ™‚ I’m planning to do some more writing here in the next day or so. You’re going to be busy this week, from the sounds of it. You work better under pressure, eh?

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      • One can’t just flip out monologues in a few lines…have to pack them with action 😁 Yes, got to chapter 11 today…it’s a bit faster now as I’m polishing rather than wholesale changes. Lot on this week though so must stay focussed…no prevaricating allowed. Might be hard that…but under pressure is usually when I get stuff done. Unless I don’t in which case it doesn’t…apart from handkerchieves…on those days I iron piles of them 😁

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